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Our webpage is now up, but we're still working on the payment processing end of the site, so we're not currently taking any orders.  We're also in the process of moving the manufacturing equipment and materials to our new operating location.  We should be in full operation by the end of January, if not sooner, so please check back.

We Offer Fixed Shipping Rates in the Continental USA!!!

Welcome to the factory website for the quality built Jigsaw Puzzle Packer! We offer installment plans by calling the factory at 406-752-5597.  We Guarantee Satisfaction!

Quality Built and Made in the USA! The Jigsaw Puzzle Packer is made in the beautiful northwest Montana city of Kalispell.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! This is the home of the patent pending Jigsaw Puzzle Packer. It's made of quality milled hardwood and designed to last a lifetime!

Don't be fooled by cheaply made replicas from overseas. Roll up mats and plastic trays cannot compare with the sturdiness of this hardwood case, in both beauty and durability.

The Large Puzzle Packer:   25” x 33”   1500 Piece Puzzles

The Large Puzzle Packer: 25” x 33” 1500 Piece Puzzles

The Large Puzzle Packer:   25” x 33”   1500 Piece Puzzles
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This is the largest of the Puzzle Packers. It is capable of holding up to 1500 piece puzzles. It is made of hardwood. The inside dimensions are 25 inches by 33 inches by 1.25 inches deep. It has removable wings, one on each side, and one on top and bottom. It sits at a comfortable viewing angle to reduce glare and ease of use. When the puzzle is put away the wings are placed on top of the puzzle being built; the pressure of the lids hold the pieces on the felt surface, preventing them from moving. Puzzles can be preserved such that all pieces remain in the same position when stored for later use. It can be stored in tight places, by laying it down flat or setting it on edge. Take it anywhere inside or outdoors; it works the same. This platform can also be used for laying out patterns for quilts, tying flys for fishing, bead-work, scrapbook layout, stamp and coin collecting, etc.

Manufacturer's Satisfaction Guarantee!

The four leaves that surround the outside perimeter can also be removed to pass around the table.

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